Warning: I’m a hot mess and I do not have it all together.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Hello and welcome! My name is Atiana.


I am the visionary and voice behind Twenty Wandering or Twenty (20) for short. In this space, I will share with you essentially my life (or journey) and everything that gives me life (Caution: Rihanna may appear frequently).

The Creation of 20:

Often in life I’ve found myself feeling alone, I would constantly tell myself “Girl no one can relate to you, no one is going through that.” BLAH BLAH BLAH!

It wasn’t that no one could relate to me but I was just scared to say that I did not have my sh*t together and my perfect life plan was honestly just a literal mess, crumbling before my eyes, in shambles, etc. etc. I know right, me of all people.

Thank you God I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

**cues praise break**

I’ve seen some pretty low days in the last five years of my life whether through relationship drama (seriously sis, if it’s not benefitting you…leave), being way too hard on myself (more to come on this, or just simply not prioritizing self-care (we’re all guilty of it). Recently, my life shifted in more ways than one and this sparked a flame in me. I graduated from my undergrad institution in May and moved to an entirely new state in July.

I woke up everyday feeling like I needed to do more. There was something missing. I grew this need to share my experiences and want to connect with more women like myself.  I became inspired to start Twenty Wandering.

What is Twenty(20):

For the most part, Twenty is my open journal to not only myself but to the world. My first hope is to inspire someone to never give up, whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, this is a space for you. My second hope is for you to realize it’s okay to not have it together all the time.

Let’s pause for a moment…

Food for thought: We often show the destination, but not the journey. Think about this…how can someone appreciate our testimony, if they didn’t know what we went through to get there? Too deep, okay let me rephrase it. If you only saw what someone got or their “destination,” you wouldn’t appreciate their struggle.

*Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk*

It’s okay to not fake it and cry, trust me I had to learn this too. Honestly please call me, my friends know I am the biggest cryer out there and will cry with you any day but just know the next day is the day we fight back and break down whatever is trying to break us. #reclaimingourtime #reclaimingourenergy #reclaimingme

On the other side, Twenty is also where I share with you my favorite things and experiences. Not only am I a graduate student, but I am also a lover of all things Rihanna (duh!), beauty, fashion, and travel. I will share life as a grad student, as well as a few looks and product reviews.

Whewww, this is like a one-stop shop.

After today, there is no more feeling like I am not good enough or doing enough or comparing my journey to others because I have Twenty. Twenty will allow me to reflect on how far I have come as well as share my journey and inspire/connect with individuals like me. We will also participate in some girl chat about our favorite beauty products, clothing hauls, and the wonderful world of grad school (can you hear my sarcasm lol).

I want Twenty to be our (yes, you included) safe place to just be ourselves and feel like we’re not in this thing alone. Twenty is my (and your) breath of fresh air and I hope you leave this site (but please come back) feeling a little more inspired and motivated than you came.

Forming and wandering,



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