Must-Have Skincare Products + My Skincare Routine

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Oh the weather outside is frightful…Is it too late for Christmas music lol

Oh well. You get the point; this cold weather and rain are a little disrespectful.

During the winter, my skin seems to act up and need some extra TLC. Whether a few more masks during the week or a heavier moisturizer, I amp up my skincare to the max during these colder months.

I wouldn’t say I have an actual skincare routine because I typically just listen to my skin and see what it needs when but I thought it would be helpful to share what I gravitate towards frequently and how often I use it.

Skincare Routine (in this order):

  1. Face Wash: Daily, sometimes 2x/day
    1. (As needed) Mask: At least 1x/week, sometimes more if needed
    2. (As needed) Clarisonic: Every time I wear make-up
  2. Toner: Daily, sometimes 2x/day
  3. Serum: Daily, sometimes 2x/day
  4. Eye Cream: Daily, typically in the morning
  5. Moisturizer: Every time I cleanse

Skincare Products:

Face Wash




  • Sweet Almond Oil
    • Typically use this at night
    • Only need a couple of drops
    • My skin has a subtle glow the next morning
    • Great, natural moisturizer

Night Cream

Eye Cream

Favorite Masks


That’s a wrap! What are your current favorites? Do you have a winter skin routine? Let me know which products you’re currently enjoying. I’m always interested in trying something new. Also, share your skin type (ex. dry, oily, combination). We don’t discriminate lol. We’re all out here age-defying, glowing skin.

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