Don’t Sleep on Francesca’s

Francesca’s. Francesca’s.

Twenty Wandering x Francesca's_1

I’m ashamed to admit the number of times I shamelessly walked pass this store. I just knew I would not have been able to find anything to match my style and it would be a waste of time. Ha! Listen y’all. I stumbled into this store very unwillingly with my mom one Saturday afternoon and left with zero regrets. I seriously was sleeping on Francesca’s.

Twenty Wandering x Francesca's_2

I not only left with this beautiful top but also a few accessories.

Twenty Wandering x Francesca's_3

The quality of this top is amazing. The fit and softness of the fabric; I am here for it all. Whenever my next event is coming up, I’m sure I’ll be stopping in Francesca’s first.

Twenty Wandering x Francesca's_4

Seriously y’all don’t sleep on them. From cute accessories, bomb outerwear, and quality blouses, they have a good selection and often great sales. They are definitely worth a walkthrough.

Twenty Wandering x Francesca's_5

Twenty Wandering x Francesca's_6

Have you bought anything from Francesca’s yet? Comment down below or tag me in those pictures on IG so I can see. What other stores were you sleeping on and they ended up coming through for you? Let me know so we can show them some support.

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