Sundays are for Self-Care

Imagine you are going through the week, now this isn’t just any old week. It’s one of your best weeks yet. You are crushing your goals. You made a plan, and you’re just checking things off one by one. The week is flying by because you’re using your time so well and then you get to Friday, and you’re moving a little slower. Should you take a break? Is it time to stop? No, you gotta keep going. But you can’t. Your body, your mind, they are all burnt out. This is the time to rest, reflect, and recharge.

I touched on this a little in my weekly newsletter. I told y’all they get all the tea first, subscribe now, so you don’t miss out. But I believe so strongly in this topic that I decided to write a full post on it.

Even the best of the best have to take a break. I recently put up a post on IG saying, “I’m somewhere between you deserve a break, and you’re not going hard enough.” Lately, it seems I’ve been having a constant battle in my head on taking one more step, finishing one more task or resting. I’ve been questioning if I’ve done enough and if I even deserved a break.

I realized that no matter if I feel like I deserved it or not, I have to listen to my body. If my body is tired and if my mind is burnt out, then I’m not going to perform that task as well as I could if I was at 100% mentally and physically. I’m not only going to half-do it, but it’s going to take a little longer because I’m tired. I’ve grown to realize for me to function at my best I can’t force it, I have to listen to my body. I also realized I must have a mandatory day of rest each week. My days are Sundays.

Sundays are for self-care.

Why Sundays? I typically have the most control over my Sundays, meaning I usually don’t have events or obligations on Sundays and can just go with the flow. Sundays are for me, and I love them. What is your mandatory day of rest? What do you do on your day?

Here are the five things I include in my Sundays:

  1. Pour into myself. I’m a firm believer in “you can’t give from an empty cup,” so Sundays are when I get my cup filled. Typically this is through attending church, whether online or in-person, a good word is the best source of motivation for me. For you, it may also be church or listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching an inspirational talk. If you don’t have a source or means of pouring into yourself, I encourage you to find one ASAP. It’s so beneficial and rewarding.
  2. Journal. This is the reflecting part of rest, reflect, and recharge. Journaling is literally me putting my thoughts on paper. Whether it’s how I am feeling that day or what’s consuming my mind, I like to write it all down. Journaling allows me to physically see and process what I want. It helps me to strategize and problem solve each thought/goal more effectively and efficiently, and understand myself better, specifically what is important to me. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I will stop everything and just start writing down my thoughts to help “empty my mind.” I could go on and on about the benefits of journaling, but just know it’s great and it works.
    • Tip: If you’re struggling like I was the first time I opened a journal about what to write, just start with how you’re feeling. Talk about the experience of opening a journal for the first and how it makes you feel. I’m confident words will just start pouring out onto the page soon after.
  3. A quick workout. I know, ewww right? On a regular day, you won’t catch me within a mile of a gym or even have the slightest thought of working out. However, when life really gets tough a good run (or brisk walk), some strength training helps to clear my mind and recenter my focus. If I’m feeling low on energy, I’ll sacrifice the run for thirty minutes of stretching and meditating. It’s something about the focus on your breathing and emptying your mind that really gets me going.
  4. Spending time with my favorite people. I love being around my family and friends. When I am really burnt out, you can catch me speeding down I-40 to get back home to get some necessary hugs and laughs. They really help me forget about my stress and kick back for a little bit.
  5. Rest. Simple, right? If you’re feeling tired, reward yourself with sleeping in for an extra hour or two or just lay in bed for a little while longer.

Honorable Mentions:

  • A tall glass of wine. Let’s be honest, there is something therapeutic and rejuvenating in every sip. That is all. Next…
  • A warm blanket, my couch, and a good movie or series on Netflix. I know, it’s a whole vibe right. Add in a couple of lit candles and I’m a very happy girl.
  • Food. I probably have an unhealthy relationship with food because I love it so much but it honestly is in my top five (maybe three) things that make me happy. Whether, it’s treating myself to a good brunch or cooking myself a nice dinner I feel good.
  • Music. My neighbors under me probably hate me because I’m often dancing throughout my apartment to release stress. Sometimes you just need a to bust out a strong electric slide or thigh-aching twerk session in the mirror to gather yourself real quick. Don’t judge me yall, but it gets real up in here. Breaking a sweat and all.
  • Disconnect. Honestly, social media is not going anywhere. The calls/texts can wait. Put that phone on Do Not Disturb and get you some me time. Often we get so consumed in our phones and spend all of our time “relaxing” on our phone. You’re not giving your mind (or eyes) time to rest so just put it down for a while. It’s alright, I promise.

Now, I may not do all of these things on a given Sunday, but a combination of two or three helps me to recenter and recharge for the upcoming week.

This week, remember to reward yourself for your hard work and productivity. It’s okay to take a break. We can’t perform at our best if we don’t give our bodies and minds time to rest and recharge. Take time today or this week to rest, reflect, and recharge.

How do you recharge and prepare for the upcoming week? Does your list look like mine or is it a bit different? Comment down below!


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2 thoughts on “Sundays are for Self-Care

  1. My list is very similar… although I might opt for the line dancing over twerking. I also often try to squeeze in a few minutes of “me time” each day after work by taking a shower or bath, putting on some comfy clothes, and meditating. I’ve been doing this for several years now and it really works for me. I agree, your three Rs are an absolute necessity, which should be done as frequently as possible!

  2. Before college I must say I did not understand how important self care was but I have definitely come up wth a similar Saturday Self Care day. I typically choose Saturday to unwind and relax because Sunday I’ll be back to worrying about school. A lot of people don’t see working out as self care but it definitely is especially if you don’t work out on the regular. Health is wealth, right?

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