Holy Grails of 2018

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Welcome Back, Wanderers!

2018 has been ummm how can I put this…interesting lol. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, filled with changes but nonetheless, I’ve come across some bomb new items I think are worth sharing. Oh and I know there’s still a month or so left in 2018 but I couldn’t hold out any longer plus it’s almost Black Friday so why not? So get your pen+paper (& coints) ready and let’s jump right into it!


As you all know, I recently started grad school and wanted a new way to take notes. I’m usually a paper and pencil type of gal or use the old faithful (word), but I wanted some sort of online “space” for my notes. Long story short, I ran into the homie, Evernote, and we’ve been together ever since.

Evernote allows you to create “notebooks,” which can contain notes. I’m not sure if there’s a maximum number of notes that can go in a notebook, but I haven’t reached it yet if there is and my Neuroanatomy notebook is THICK. Now, I don’t use it for everything, however for those classes that I have to take a lot of notes in or my professor moves pretty quickly through the information, I use Evernote.

Ohhh and for my Wanderers not in school, I also used it for a while to hold all of my blog stuff (before I found google drive). It was an easy space for me to hold all of my blog drafts and I could access it across all of my devices, no matter where I was. I’m currently using the free version, but there is also a paid version. Would I get the paid version? Without hesitation. It’s that bomb.

I’ve been using this thing for years. Remember in high school when you used to create a google doc for group projects. Well over the last few years, I definitely slept on it. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I moved all of my blog stuff from Evernote to Google Drive.

Note: There was nothing wrong with Evernote, I just wanted someplace to hold literally EVERYTHING related to Twenty.

Google Drive allows me to move pictures from my shoots out of my phone’s photo album, holds all of my blog drafts, as well as it hosts my content calendar. It’s literally a one-stop shop and I can access my stuff anywhere because the app is also on my phone. Now, I know you’re saying “my phone has a lot of space, I don’t need that,” well I get that BUT it allows me to separate business from personal. Honestly, it just keeps my phone a little less cluttered and me a little more organized.

Moral of the story: Don’t sleep on it. Try it. You can never be too organized.

Now remember earlier I said Black Friday is coming? Here’s the one app that will simplify your life. Shoptagr allows you to add items you are interested in/considering purchasing. It’s like your virtual wish list but it also notifies you when your item is out of stock AND (wait for it…) when it’s on SALE.

You know how you’ll go to a site and be like “oh, that’s cute” or “oh, I want that” but lose it or forget about it. Yeah, I do that too. Well, that was until I found this lovely app. All it takes is a simple tap/tag and it keeps up with everything you currently have your eye on. I definitely plan on using Shoptagr this year for Black Friday because my goal is to do all of my Christmas shopping that day.

Moment of Truth: Honestly, I usually wait until Christmas Eve to purchase all of my gifts and that is just….too much. So this year I’m trying something new to see if that makes my life a little easier.

Shoptagr will allow me to find all of my gifts on their various sites, and “tag” them to the app and on BF my shopping is efficient and easy. Have you downloaded it yet? No? Did I mention it’s free?


Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 9.58.00 AM

Alright, let’s get into this skin. A good skincare routine is the foundation of all things good in life. If you don’t have a skincare routine, then what you doing sis? Want to age gracefully? Have that natural glow? Flawless makeup that melts into your skin? Snatch that man? It all starts with your skin.

You don’t even have to go out and get a bunch of expensive or high-end products either. To be honest, most of my favorite skin care products come straight from the drug store (most likely Walgreen’s). On this list, I just have a couple of moisturizers, however, if you’re interested in my full skincare routine or want to know my favorites, just comment below and let me know!

Now before you go I don’t need a moisturizer, imma stop you. You do sis. Dry skin? Moisturize! Oily skin? Deffff moisturize. Normal? Idk, but I think you do too lol. For the longest, I was one of those oily skin girls that didn’t think I needed to moisturize. However, once I started moisturizing (and found the right one) I noticed a difference in my skin. 

But we’ll get more into this later, right now let’s just talk about the product.

I stumbled across this product randomly after traveling home without my normal moisturizer. This product is undoubtedly a game changer. I never tried a water-based moisturizer until this one and I will never go back to a cream-based one. The water gel literally melts into your skin and keeps you hydrated all day. Usually cream-based or “lotion-type” moisturizers clog my pores and make my skin feel heavy but I didn’t get that feeling with the Hydro Boost.

I will admit it is a little on the pricer side ($19-$20) and personally, I don’t think you get a lot of product for the price. BUT I have bought this item twice now and I am definitely restocking once I run out again. 10/10 would recommend, let me know if you try and your thoughts on it. Also, what are your favorite moisturizers? I am always interested in trying something new.



While we’re talking about Neutrogena, let’s get into their Multivitamin Booster. Now their website says it’s for dry skin (which I don’t have) but sis, let me tell you. This thing has me GLOWING. I apply it after I wash my face and apply my toner. Sometimes I even mix it with my Hydro Boost and it instantly brightens my face and gets me ready for the day. Its ingredients include vitamin e and hyaluronic acid which both work wonders for your skin so you know it has to be good.

Quick Tips: If I use this, I typically don’t worry about using my serum and only use my eye cream every now and then with it because I honestly feel like I don’t need it. Also, a little goes a long way so one bottle lasts me for a hot minute.

If you’re balling on a budget and need help picking between this and the Hydro Boost, I would suggest you go with the Hydro Boost and once you collect some points at Walgreens, go and buy this because it’s definitely worth having.


Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.17.58 AM

I received this fragrance as a gift last Christmas and it has become my signature scent. And yes, I’m still on the same bottle sis. It’s a very light floral scent that I wear for both day and night events.

**If I want something “heavier” then I typically grab my YSL-Black Opium.**

Chanel’s Chanel perfume line consists of several different fragrances (I think 4) and my personal favorite is Eau Tendre. I’m not sure how to review fragrances lol but just know it smells good and it’s perfect for every occasion and all seasons. mmkay?


Next up, let’s get into this hair…

Y’all it all started around this time last year and I discovered a new secret weapon.

  • W-I-G-S.

Ohhhhhmygod, why didn’t anyone tell me how magical these things were? I haven’t worn my hair out since I got my first one. I’m now three strong and plan on getting a new one v. soon. I always buy the bundles (and closure of course) and get someone to sew it onto a cap to make a unit. I don’t think I’m quite ready to venture into the lace or frontal life but who knows (new year, who dis?).

Wigs allow me to switch my hair up often, but also allows my hair to breath at night. It is the best protective style. My hair stays in straight-backs and I wash it every two weeks. Honestly, I wake up, slap it on and go.

I mean yes I secure it first sis because you know priorities, but in less than 5 minutes I’m ready to go.

Wigs allow you to switch up your look without manipulating your hair. Low manipulation = more length retention (aka GROWTH). Seriously, don’t sleep on them. Get you one. Your man trying to see other people? BET. Put that new wig on sis. You’re about to move to a new area and don’t have a stylist? BET. Get that wig made sis.


Can I put a whole store on here? Idk but oh well.

My top store this year has been Home freaking Goods. I can honestly say I may have decorated my entire apartment out of this one store. It literally has everything and at a reasonable price. You know we love a good sale. From napkin rings to jewelry holders to throw pillows, this store has it all. If you’re moving into a new space or itching to redecorate, then be sure to stop by here first. I can’t say enough about how great this store is but I’m going to stop here. Honestly, just go and you’ll understand.

I know I know, everyone is on the Fashion Nova wave right now and sadly I’m right next to them.

*sings I can buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit*

I can’t even flex right now, some of my favorite pieces have come from there.

Atiana McBride-Tobiere and Chedean Miller
Outfit (on left, also me lol) brought to you by Fashion Nova

I tried FN years ago and hated the quality but recently they’ve been stepping their game up and I’m here for it. You can find everything from cute basics to trendy pieces to formal gowns all for decent prices and get this…they always have a sale. Honestly, the codes they send to your Facebook inbox are the best. (30% off, I’m not mad at it at all).

Let me know below what yall think about Nova. Are y’all on the wave too or do you shop somewhere else? Feel free to share your favorite places to shop. You know I’m always ready to spend these coins. 

Last but not least Miss Lola, aka Lola Shoetique. I have about five pairs of her shoes and they are ahhhhmazing. Not only are the shoes cute, but they fit true to size and there’s always a sale.

Atiana McBride-Tobiere
Booties: Miss Lola

I’ve gotten booties (like the ones pictured), over-the-knee boots and even heels and I love them all. Miss Lola also has clothes and accessories. I’ve gotten a purse and some pants from there too.

Note: The sizing (for clothing) seems to run a bit small. I would suggest ordering a size up or definitely pay attention to the size guide. It is letter sizing (S,M,L) so that could be why. I’m typically a medium but due to the lack of stretch in the pants I bought, I had to go up to a large.

Despite the sizing issues, all of her products are high-quality and if you’re interested in somewhere new to shop definitely check her out.

That’s a wrap folks. Be sure to comment and let me know some of your favorites for the year, I need a head start on my 2019 list. Also, let me know if you like lists like these (or not) so I can tailor my content to match your needs.  Oh and let me know if you prefer longer posts (like this) or shorter/quick posts. Until next time!

Forming and wandering,



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